Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The One with Cuba

I don't have a political or economical ideology. Maybe it's good to have one, but I'm only 15, recently breaking out from the influence of what my parent's think, and I still have at least three years to really think it through.

One thing I do know for sure is that I am definetely not against socialism. Not because capitalism works better does it mean that a socialist nation can't function well. And I think it's ideals are beautiful. (A horrible reason, but hey, I still have to read Marx.)

As a 15 year old, I hope that you will forgive me when I say that I still don't understand completely the U.S./Cuba conflict.

(My excuse for the following is that I don't live in the U.S.)
Today I found out about how the U.S. has frozen Cuba from the rest of the world because of it's ideology.
Yes, it is ruled under a tyranny, but it's the Greek kind of tyranny. And I haven't heard of the U.S. halting the import of Lybian oil, so that must not be the problem.
And so socialism/communism... (I will call it socialism from now on because communism is basically a dream, right?)
Wasn't that an ideological conflict from the Cold War? And I should think that the Cold War is over! So why is the freezing out still going on? Isn't the U.S.'s main goal to maintain everybody's freedom, or well-being? (At least that is how it appears from the outside!) So why are they purposely negatively affecting millions of people for what we can call a "grudge," as it is just a conflict of thoughts. What about freedom of speech, of action?
And the fact that the U.S.A. is an EMPIRE makes it's freezing out even the more terrible because it has repercusions to every countrie's trade with Cuba.

Anyways, I want to end by saying that I still don't fully understand the conflict, so if I did make any mistakes in what I previously said, please do correct me in the comments and I will try to solve the problem.
And I don't want to offend anyone. What I am attempting is a cry out to the so called freedom of speech, freedom of action, freedom of thought!
And are it's defendors really that?
It seems to me that the well-being of an entire nation has nothing to do with what it believes in.
If everybody had tolerance in mind, maybe political ideologies wouldn't be necessary.

However, I do acknowledge the fact that I'm taking a pretty naive view of the situation, but it's just because I want to go back to basics.

Feel free to contradict and insult me as much as you want in the comments, I'm all ears.
After all, I have a decision to make and only three years to make it.

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