Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The One on I Write Poetry

Maybe this is just a response post to that pretty freaking amazing picture I found a few weeks ago.
Maybe not.

The other day my guitar teacher told me about how he was having one of those days where everything is negative; as in, negative vibes, for nothing is coming to you.
To my "hmm" he responded "in those cases, one needs to meditate."
And what I answered? Not "hmm" but "yes... or write."

Write what? 

More than just in a journal to Anne (Anne is what is Kitty to Anne Frank), I do admit I'm a poet.

And not in a hyperbolic sense. (Although I do believe that anyone who wants to, has the write to call oneself a poet.)

Somerset Maugham once said something like (and I am not at all quoting here) that an artist is not a person who excells in creating art, but a person who can't live without creating art.
(I might look for that quote. After all, I have the book and Maugham is one of my favorite authors.)

I can't live without writing.

If something happy happens, I must jot it down, or if something unhappy happens, I will find no peace until those feeling are immortalized.
A beautiful scenery spring beautiful verses in my head. 
A horrible news not only brings tears to my eyes, but words in the form of silent whisper.

I don't know what it is, that some people, me, for example, just can't live without writing, without literature, without poetry.

Are you a poet?

Friday, March 25, 2011

The One on Conflicts in Israel

As of late, a status has been going around Facebook homepages that says something like the following:

"a bomb exploded in Jerusalem, 35 wounded and 1 killed. In recent days more than 70 missiles have been sent by Hamas to Israel. The day of 03/12/11, 5 members of a family were killed as they slept, including a one month old baby and two children; ISRAEL may react and then the news will surely show Israel as the aggressor. Paste this message and be a part of spreading the truth!"

Although I am fully concious of the fact that I am not the most knowledgable person in the world on this topic, I do know a great deal about it, for, like most people, I am trully interested in this. Please do not think that I am making an uninformed opinion for I trully am not, and by putting my opinion out there my intention is not to convince, but to inform. 

First of all, I want to write about the Gaza flotilla incident that occured about half a year ago, and how media created many misguided views on the subject.

What most people thought happened was that when apparent humanitarian aid tried to cross the Gaza strip, that Israeli military had blocked for security reasons, Israeli military reacted by attacking this "humanitarian aid" when they didn't respond as wished.

Now, what I know about the incident is this:

First of all, if this really were humanitarian aid, they would have no problem with following proper procedure and going the right way. Why did they insist upon crossing a boundary which they weren't allowed to cross, and on top of that once they were already told to turn back? Some insist that there were weapons (guns, bombs, etc.) on the flotilla, and I agree, for the circumstances are fishy. I've even heard that once the flotilla was looked through, these were in fact found. However, I'm not completely sure about the latter.

Second of all, the idea that Israeli military just opened fire on the flotilla has been proven time and again wrong. When they saw that the flotilla would not turn around, soldiers descended onto the boats to personally dissuade and take authority; however, the hundreds of people on these boats used weapons such as iron clubs, cooking knives and more to attack these soldiers. The soldiers in the air on helicopters reacted by throwing paintballs at the flotilla, and upon observing that the people would not stop, the commandos reacted more violently in pure self defense.

A number of soldiers were killed and all of those who descended onto the boats severely injured. (I can't recall the exact numbers.)

No "activist" on the flotilla died, although some did suffer small injuries.

Please do watch the following videos:

Now, about the incidents that have been occuring the last few days (the ones posted on the Facebook status.):

I've heard rumours this month of a fourth intifada starting, although I can hardly prove them.
However, the coincidence seems strange.

You can read more about the recent conflicts HERE.

And, let's face it. Israel has always been under attack from extremist Arab communities. And the world has tended to see Israel in a negative light since 1967, due to the the six days where Israel gained a lot of land through a war that some deemed necessary and some didn't.

So what to do about the recent news? I'm just telling you to be informed. Do not trust big-shot newspapers or your local news, after all, those are the ones that spend so much time/pages on selling you things, and I'm not talking in terms of advertisement.

Be informed.
Form opinions.
Inform others. 

I'm not seeing anything in a bad light. I'm just telling you to never criticize anything, especially Israel, who suffers so many extremist attacks, if you don't know for a fact that you are trully criticizing that which needs criticizing.

Thank you for reading,

P.S. I'm talking about this topic because it is of profound interest to me and I have strong opinions on the subject. Now, why on a literature blog? Because, although this subject has little to do with literature, (unless Amos Oz won the Nobel, which would be cool) literature is opinions, it's trying to better the world. And there is only one way to do that, yet multiple paths to choose.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The One on Book Blogging

Now I was going through this:

When I noticed how stupid book blogs are.

Who will actually read a blog about books. And I'm not being ironic.

I seriously consider this blog a project. (Which I haven't even started, horray for me!) I think that from the reader's point of view, reading about a project is fun because it can talks about persistance and challenges and fun-dee-doo stuff like that. (I hope, at least.)

However, I would never read a blog called "The Book Garden" with a collection of hysterical reviews on cheap vampire novels. I don't know if you would. 

Anyways, this post is a reminder to myself to make this blog a little more interesting... I'm trying my best!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The One with The Kindle vs. The Ipad

Maybe I'm a year behind or so in writing a post such as this one, but I'll regard it as a sort of "celebration" for the release of the iPad 2.

Now, I want to declare that I am a partidary for tablets as books. After all, the tablets will be long gone way before the ethernal book. And they have many good things that books don't!

So which one IS better?

(I won't be discussing the "environmental" idea because that is so stupid. Paper books kill "trees", and tablets use up energy. The creation of one tablet releases the same amount of CO2 as the printing of 50 books. Granted, if you use your tablet efficiently, you will read 50 books in it. If you want to be environmentally friendly, get a library card. Period.)


It's cool to read on a Kindle on so many levels:

  •  It's more confortable to read with than a normal book is, because it is light and flat. 
  • You can read before falling asleep because it emits LCD light, which is what gives you that annoying insomnia. The Kindle is better than a sleeping pill.
  • You actually read on a Kindle. And fast. Because the letters are big, distractions are few, etcetera etcetera.
  • It's fun to turn the pages. Really.
  • I LOVE TURNING IT OFF. (No sexual connotation here.) The illustrations are awesome.

The iPad is cool on so many levels:
  • You can read anything on an iPad and it's amazing. I was reading the original Winnie the Pooh book (because it's free, you know) with the original drawings and they were perfect. To find a "real" book with such perfectly "fresh" drawings would be... expensive. (And magazines. You can go broke buying magazines for an iPad. And they have animations. That's cool.)
  • You will find any book on an iPad. Anything. Because you can download the app for Kindle store, for the Barnes & Noble store, you can search the iBook store, and so many more. This is a problem with the Kindle because if the book is not on the Kindle store... then it's just not available for you to read.
  • You can download apps such as Wikipedia and Oxford dictionary... and you'll forget all about context clues. (You can also do this in the Kindle... but then, you can't. View: Cons.)

And the uneludable CONS:

  • It's slow. This is just a pet-peeve of mine, but it eliminates many functions of this device: the internet, Wikipedia, etcetera. I just use it for reading, although it could be used for so much more.
  • You can only acess the Kindle store. Which is something slightly obvious, but it would be nice if you had other options if the Kindle store friggin didn't have the books you want! 

  • It's heavy, as in "unconfortable." Not as unconfortable as reading <1000 page book Lés Miserablés, but still pretty darn unconfortable.
  • It has LIGHT. Say goodbye to the reading before bed luxury with this! Or say hi to it, and never fall asleep.
  • It's distracting. Why should you tumble and stumble through another five "pages" of a pretentious dead author when you could get on Facebook right there. Right. You wouldn't. (Not unless you had the determination that I lack.)

And now, for the pretty nice conclusion:

The Kindle is for strict reading, so it really is a reading device. Get it if this is what interests you. I really like my Kindle, however, I think I could live without it. Although, yes, I do really like it. (Maybe in a few months you will catch me saying that I can't picture my life without it.)

The iPad (which is not mine, but my dad's) is good for everything. Communists may stick up their noses to it, but I think that you're looking for a tablet, this is the way to go. It will simplify your life. However, beware! It will do nothing for your reading. I don't think it's possible to read anyting of substance on it.

And because nothing is complete with a few links to Goodreads! Check out the following discussions:

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