Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The One on Dead Poets Society

Remember THIS post? It was one of those dreamy yet very whiny posts... about how I should watch more movies!

And, going against many of my values, I started becoming yet another teenager who watches movies online. Quite the solution, my friends.
(And I don't feel so guilty about this one because it's older than me.)

Aaaaaaaaaaa. This is my idea of a perfect movie:

  • No hot guys to distract from the true art of the movie.
  • Geeks!
  • Uniforms
  • Autumn
  • Set during another time (Best time of all, if you ask me. A mix of the '80s and '90s.)
  • School
  • Beautiful poetry
  • Twist (not the dance, but as in "twist in the plot")
And this movie had all of them! I fell in love with it, and declare that I need to watch movies more often. Maybe even review them here on my blog? 

And since this is a review...
I would give this movie a 9/10, because, although a perfect movie in most aspects, the characters were undeveloped and black/white. What I mean by this is, they only had one side. Everybody was either good or bad, and there was no other way to see things.
However, in all other aspects, I highly recommend Dead Poets Society, especially because it had, of course, a lot of lovely poetry in it.


P.S. I declare this my favorite movie ever. But then, I don't watch that many movies.

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