Sunday, April 10, 2011

The One on Not Drinking Soda

photo taken by Kara Haupt over at

Because this is a blog all about challenges, I introduce you to a new one:

The Not Drinking Soda challenge.

Kara Haupt is a teenage blogger whom I've been following for over a year. She is currently studying photography at Pratt University in Brooklyn (so cool.) And although she blogs about a wide variation of topics, her blog posts often show a concern for bettering herself and the world.

In the "bettering herself" category we have her worry for health related issues. Which is cool. I'm not obsessive about health, however, I do worry about it a lot more than most people do, because I do honestly think that worrying about what you eat will make you feel better. Also, having a concern for eating natural will lead to a nicer Earth to live in, right?

Anyways, what Kara is challenging us to is to spend a whole month without soda! I don't think this will be a particularly difficult challenge, especially because I sort of dislike soda, however, it's nice to have another thing to worry about in this easy-going life of ours.

(I hate it how sarcasm doesn't translate well in writing.)

Anyways, thank you for reading, hope you join in!
Click HERE for the blog post with the challenge in it!

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