Monday, April 25, 2011

The One on Travelling

One thing about books;

they make you crave travelling, like chocolate when you're in love.

In my case, I've been extremely fortunate child, for I have been able to travel enough to anyone's heart's desire. Well, at least anyone that doesn't like to read.

I want to discover! The feeling of anticipation, the reminiscing and looking back through the pictures, the busy airport feeling, when all seems to be awaiting. These are all the little things that cultivate my crush for travelling. And then, arriving! And the feeling of complete disorientation, of true and simple discovery! The magic of realizing once again that Earth is so big, and one so small.

(Pictures above found through



Buenos Aires:
 New York, New York:
 Cape Town and other parts of Africa:

I would like to share more travel pictures with you, however, I feel a bit guilty of doing so at times because isn't this a book blog for a book challenge? I haven't even started the challenge yet! Such a fail. :)

What do you think?

Loves and more loves,

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