Thursday, April 21, 2011

The One on World Book Day!

Hi Hello! Happy Thursday! Or, rather, happy Friday! (I had to turn in an article for the school newspaper at midnight, oops... I'll be a few hours behind apparently. Blogging isn't helping.)

I had meant to write this blog post at least a week ago, however, it slipped my mind for some reason! Because I didn't want to seem like a nerd, I ended up being late.

Sometimes I think I have a physical incapability of being on time. Today I was an hour late at meeting with a friend. Thankfully, I had warned her. But, seriously?

(ADD is a side effect of being sleepy.)

ANYWAYS, this Saturday is World Book Day!


World Book Day is a celebration of the written word that was first celebrated in Spain during the '20s. The date chosen for it, April 23, was due to the fact that Miguel de Cervantes died on this day. A few decades later, the UK and the rest of the world decided to follow along in the celebration of this wonderful day, adding themselves to the party with the fact that Shakespeare also died on April 23! Of the same year!
(Bit of trivia: Miguel de Cervantes and Shakespeare did not actually die on the same day, but within a 10 day lapse of each other. Because England and Spain were using different calendars at the time, it appears as if Cervantes and Shakespear did indeed die on the same day. However, further reasons to celebrate World Book Day on April 23 are Shakespear's birth, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega and Josep Pla's death, the birth of Maurice Druon, Vladimir Nabokov, Manuel Mejía Vallejo, and Halldór Laxness. I'd only heard about Garcilaso de la Vega and Vladimir Nabokov before researching, but oh well.)

Enough with the blabbering.

How will I celebrate World Book Day?

  • Checking THIS out pretty often. And Twitter.
  • Finishing up A Confederacy of Dunces.
  • Reading poetry by Emily Dickinson
  • Planning the Nobel Project! (Yes, I am indeed planning.)
  • Grinding at Lés Miserablés
  • Grinding at the Odyssey
  • Maybe a little bit of Gilmore Girls? Yeth pleathe.
Maybe I won't get to all of these, but I don't care! I love the simple idea of celebrating this day in spirit. :) How will you be celebrating World Book Day?

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