Friday, May 13, 2011

The One on Finished My Odyssey

Now, nobody can say that reading this book is anything but an experience. 

Because I don't think that it was really because of Odysseus that this epic came to be named as the Odyssey, but oh, maybe it was because getting through the 400-500 pages is HARD.

I can't say that it was impossible. It's not The Mill on the Floss. No, it's achievable. Interesting at times. The poetry is nice at points. The soliloquies can be funny or downright dramatic.

Anyways, Goodreads review:

The OdysseyThe Odyssey by Homer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5/5 stars

How could you criticise the Odyssey? Let me count the ways

You could hate its depth and breadth and height

The monologues that stretch out of sight

Yet beyond all this you know its Grace

After all, you hold something beyond the everyday's

Quiet you'll need, by sun or candle-light

But through Greece you'll roam freely, as Odie strives for Right

It's literature, purely, and this critique becomes Praise,

For in its letter are passions put to use,

In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith,

I will always remember the day

When i finished the Oydessey --- I loved this with the breaths,

smiles, tears, of --- err I ran out of inspiration

But, really, how DO you critise the Oydssey? It is, after all, one of the greatest books written in all of history. Maybe no book has been read more than this one, and then, a humble High School freshman comes along, and why would anyone pay attention to any critique that she would have to pay to the greatest epic ever written?

Because no one wouldn't!

Probably, the reason that the Odyssey becomes such a drag for most students is the fact that it is quite long compared to other literary texts read in High School (Of Mice and Men, Animal Farm... not particularly extensive), so the reading pace is too fast to be enjoyed (40 pages every night for me was a daunting task when I had to do other work for 7 other classes).

But if read slowly, aprecciating the metaphors and the ridiculous soliloquies, the genius of Odysseus and Homer with him, is great. If anything, I will be eternally grateful to my school and Ministry of Education for forcing us to grind through the 406 pages. It wasn't the most exiting book I've read, or the most emotional, or the most poetic, or anything that involves the word most. But, it was written about 3000 years ago, for which it deserves a little more than just "credit" and for which not only do I greatly admire the Odyssey, but think I fell a little bit in love with it, like one falls in love with new mails in your inbox.

Because they're exiting, but will never be the most thrilling to read.

(I fail to explain the feeling... read the book.)

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I do believe everyone has to read the Odyssey at some point in ther lives, and I'm so glad I did. It wasn't a bad experience.

Have you read the Odyssey? If yes, what was it like for you?

P.S. Now we're starting Romeo and Juliet. ¡Ay de mi, cuándo se terminaran los poemas épicos!
P.P.S. Did you see what I was trying to do in my review? I started off with a mock interpretation of Elizabeth Barret Browning's most famous poem!

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