Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The One on An Inspector Calls

I have discovered the magic of reading plays.

Thank you, J. B. Priestley:

An Inspector CallsAn Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley
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Although I have read few plays, J.B. Priestley's work with An Inspector Calls showed me how much I was missing out on; a different type of reading, one that is exclusively reserved to what the reader can picture hearing and seeing, and thus, imagination is let loose on a bigger scale.

What could the characters be thinking, how must the characters be beyond what we are seeing represented on stage? And part of the genius of this play is the ease with which one can visualize the representation, and I could see it as being tense, conflictive, entertaining; thus, an extraordinary play. And this extends beyond the portraits of the characters, achieved through, obviously, indirect characterisation (which were brilliantly performed), and a perfectly developed story line.

A parenthesis: I watched the interpretation of the BBC, and, although it is extremely loyal  to J.B. Priestley's work, it wasn't quite as I imagined it to be. Surely, it must be one of those dramas in which the interpretation should be reserved to theatre, and fails to convey the author's creation on the screen. I would greatly enjoy having the opportunity to see this interpreted live.

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An amazing play! All I can say is read it. A jewel of a mystery, I would love to see this interpreted someday.
Here's the BBC version...

Had you heard of this play before?

Good tidings!

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