Monday, May 23, 2011

The One with the Perfect Library

Are you an Anne of Green Gables fan? If so, you might have heard about the house o' dreams.

Being the hopeless sentimentalist that I am, I also have a house o' dreams. It would have a lot of tall and pretty trees, a hammock, a sunny kitchen, to name a few.
But one of the most most most important things is for it to have a library.
And not just any library. I want a perfect library, with:

  • Dictionaries
  • A sunny perfectly comfortable place to read
  • Tomes
  • Photo albums
  • Collections
  • Classics
Although, honestly, what this library has is not what is important; what is improtant is how big and well mantained and full of books and pretty cool it is. 

I think that the pictures above are the closest to perfection that I have ever seen. Found HERE.

Sigh. Someday... for now, I'm stuck with my small collection in a small bookcase in a small corner of my non-book centric room.


Have a happy day!


Anita said...

It really is a perfect library!

tasha faye said...

thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, love! (: i think this Nobel project that you're doing is amazing. i would never have thought of an idea like this albeit i love reading so much! +i'm a huge Harry Potter fan as well. <3 i read HP books whenever i need a cheer up, but i suppose reading in general cheers me up. (: xxx

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