Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The One on The Adventures of Augie March Pt. 1

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I mentioned in what was probably my first post ever that I was reading The Adventures of Augie March. Yes, it took me quite a bit of time.

Anyways, I thought of maybe cheating a little and writing down my thoughts about the book then (I finished it a few weeks before starting the Nobel Project) so that I could skip over Saul Bellow.

However, I sort of fell in love with the world he created.

It takes at least a hundred and fifty pages to get used to the verbosity of the narration, however, it becomes quite beautiful once you have.

My Goodreads review:

The Adventures of Augie MarchThe Adventures of Augie March by Saul Bellow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As with many modern books, when the time comes to rate The Adventures of Augie March I'm afraid I could be grossly overrating it, or underrating it.

What is one to do when finding in a novel all the elements of the masterpiece, however, several annoyances to make of this a very overrated novel?

So, anyways, what Saul Bellow was trying to get through to us readers in his exaggeratedly verbose novel is that people, and eagles, will be themselves (hopefully), that editing is for losers, that good novels have soul-wrenching mind-gripping heart-accelerating moments and dreadfully useless first 100 pages, that men are promiscuos, but wait, girls too, that family is as useful as a cheap condom, that challenging readers with freakish allusions is pretty cool, that using unclear thesis is pretty cool, that using impossibletounderstand theses is pretty cool, that characterization is to be achieved magistrally, that protagonists are meant to speak only within their own head as narrators because they can't take a stand to affect their own freaking destiny, that Augies can change within time but not so much, that picaresques novels are for cool people, and that excess of information leads to lack of information, but that's cool.

Oh, that, by the way, was me imitating the Saul Bellow writing style. (However, I abused of the word cool and Mr. Bellow would neeeeever do that. I think.)

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