Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The One on Augie March pt.2

The Adventures of Augie March by Saul Bellow was my first ever non-school related book for which I kept account of the quotes that I found interesting, maybe even pretty. Here are a collection of them:

"It wasn't right to think everyone else had more power of being. Why, look now, it was clear as anything that it wasn't so but merely imagination, exaggerating how you're regarded, misunderstanding how you're liked for what you're not, both from error and laziness. The way must be not to care, but in that case you must know how really to care and understand what's pleasing or displeasing in yourself. But do you think every newcomer is concerned and is watching? No. And do you care that anyone should care in return? Not by a long shot. Because nobody anyhow can show what he is without a sense of exposure and shame, and can't care while preoccupied with this but must appear better and stronger than anyone else, mad! And meantime feels no real strength in himself, cheats and gets cheated, relies on cheating but believes abnormally in the strenght of the strong. All this time nothing genuine is allowed to appear and nobody knows what's real. And that's disfigured, degenerate, dark mankind -mere humanity." p.401

"One day's ordinary falsehood if you could convert it into silt would choke the Amazon back a hundred miles over the banks. However, it never appears in this form but is distributed all over like the nitrogen in potatoes." p.375

"I wasn't convinced about the stony solemnity, that you couldn't get into the higher branches of thought without it [higher education] or had to sit down inside these old-world-imitated walls. I felt they were too idolatrous and monumental. After all, when the breeze turned south and west and blew from the stockyards with dust from the fertilizer plants through the handsome ivy some of the stages from the brute creation to the sublime mind seemed to have been bypassed, and it was too much of a detour." p. 286

"You do all you can to humanize and familiarize the world, and suddenly it becomes more strange than ever. The living are not what they were, the dead die again and afain, and at last for good." p. 285

"Profit by my imminent death to send a greeting to your loved ones in Purgatory: 50 lire." p. 285

"And here I could see what a value she set on the intelligence of men. If they didn't breathe the most difficult air of effort and nobility, then she wished for them the commponplace death in the gas cloud of settled existence, office bondage, quiest store festering, unrecognized despair of marriage without hope, or the commonnes of resentment that grows unknown boils in one's heart or bulbs of snarling flowers." p. 210

"But I don't like low opinions, and when you speak them out it commits you and you become a slave of them. Talk will lead people on until they convince their minds of things they can't feel true." p.209

"It is better to die what you are than to live a stranger forever." p.485

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