Friday, July 15, 2011

The One on Book Status Updates

I am currently focusing on two novels, The Feast of the Goat and Lés Miserablés both of whom I am about halfway through. However, I think I have misplaced Lés Miserablés (not lost, never lost.) This is strange because it's such an unusually large book. 1100-something pages, and I misplaced that?


(Before I start, I want to say, that outside my window, raindrops are falling. Now, this sentence alone should make of this a happy post and guarantee a comment or two from my readers, right?)

Hmmm. I knew from previous reads that there was no way to be let down by anything that could be called Vargas Llosa's work, but this one excells. It reminds me of The Godfather, although more caribbean, more real, scarier maybe. Thoroughly entertaining, at times hard to understand, especially through the thick dominican dialect which I must applaud the author for. Because he's peruvian, and coloquial language varies a lot from South American country to South American country.

What a masterpiece. I just can't review it, can't write about it, nothing, if anything...

In simple words, up to now, it's THE best book I have ever read.

And I'm only on page 450.

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