Saturday, July 9, 2011

The One on Movies As of Late

While I have been informing a lot of reading and HowIMetYourMother-watching on this blog, I have been  also enjoying this time of convalescence (I know I'm deeply exaggerating my post-op) to watch all the movies I never have time to watch. In fact, this week I broke my record. Two movies in one week. 

A few months ago I posted on my concern for my lack of dedication to the film industry, and how I was thinking of remedying (urgh I hate inventing words) this by, ta-da, watching more movies and writing about them on my blog.

This week's movies:

I deeply enjoyed this one, however, I wouldn't know how to rate it. I recommend it, but don't applaud it. I don't know, it was a great movie, but not a masterpiece. You follow me?

(I probably wouldn't have finished it if it weren't at least a great movie.)

Although not my first time watching this nostalgic Frenchie, it brought back the same tears of bittersweet agony and happiness at the end. In short, a trully commendable movie.

That is the best I can review movies. Not a honed skill... like reviewing books. Cha-ching!

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