Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The One on Other Book Blogs

Hi hello!
Incredibly, I almost forgot to post today. However, here I am.

Today's topic is one that might be a completely stupid move from my part, and maybe even a touch hypocritical. Because I am about to show you, my readers, other book blogs that are probably way more awesome (and book related) than mine.

Please note, though, that most of these are book Tumblrs, which are a different type of blog. However, I think that for books in many cases it works better. In fact, I've been thinking that once I finish the Nobel Project I could start up a book Tumblr. However, that's a topic for another day. :)

  • Sasha and the Silverfish has amazing book reviews. I have read and plan on reading few of the books that she has, but her reviews tend to go deeper than just what she is reviewing on, but on the genre and the deeper meaning of the genre. And that makes her blog totally worth it.
  • Seattle Books is probably my favorite book tumblr. Why? The perfect combination of perfect music, perfect pictures, perfect books, perfect reviews.
  • Better Book Titles; maybe you've heard of that one, and I think I've posted one or two of their pictures, and (final comment) I don't it even counts as a book blog, but it's funny, so I'm giving you the link of the blog that makes fun of books through their covers.
  • Out of Print; more on this one later
  • Miss Little Lime is not really a book blog but it's adorable
  • 52 Books is a hilarious and trully joyous tumblr, one of my favorites
  • Book Lovers Never Go To Bed Alone was my first book tumblr and many of the photographs you find here come from there. :)
  • Distant Heartbeats is another pretty darling one
If you have a book blog, be sure to comment and I'll check in. Who knows, maybe I'll decide to be hypocritical some other time and link back to your blog!


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