Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The One on The Feast of the Goat

This is my "just arrived from school" hair-do. It's fantastic.

So, first of all, hopefully this post marks my return to dutyfull blogging. Second of all, please, don't think it took me a month and a half to read this, I actually finished it quite a while ago but have had no time to post the review. Or no determination. Whatever. Anyways, I will soon be posting the "currently reading" post.

Here's my review:

The Feast of the GoatThe Feast of the Goat by Mario Vargas Llosa
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I resent not having been able to fully immerse myself into this novel due to the inconsistent manner in which I read it. However, during the points where I was able to sit down and plunge into the mesmerising dictatorial Dominican Republic, I felt the power of Vargas Llosa's writing portraited in every single one of his several narrators.

The interesting thing about a novel like this, where reading the beginning of every chapter is like having to adjust your eyes to a new light, every 20 or so pages, (you have to get to know a new narrator, a new persepctive, a new setting) is the effect that this has on your opinion on the story. Maybe, for a historical novel, this is always the best option. Although this literary technique can be quite distorting, making you think that the side that is necessarily the BAD one could actually have its positive aspects. Especially when written by a literary genius such as Vargas Llosa.

And what's also enticing about this method of developing a novel is the attatcment that one develops for different characters. For example, I felt little empathy for whom was probably the main character, Urania Cabral, (although this might seem cold hearted, she gave me no reason to feel for her) however, I felt very identified with Estrella Sadhala's character and perspective.

In summary, it's a thrilling book, with a perfectly simple style, characteristics which are faithfull to Vargas Llosa's typical characteristics. However, I suspect that it isn't his best work. It's extremely shocking, with some pretty harrowing passages, and reminiscent of many other modern conflicts, which adds a touch of spice to the already very seasoned novel.

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All I have to say about Vargas Llosa besides this is that I probably will be reading a lot by him once finished with this beauteous project. Also, I've heard that there's a movie on this topic:

Although I have so many books to read and movies to watch, I'm not extremely sure about adding another one to the list!


Friday, August 26, 2011

The One on Too Busy Loving Life

I think I'm too busy loving life to blog and read.

My most profound apologies.

I think.




Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The One on La Vide et Dolce

A picture because the post doesn't exist without one.

Finally I have an excuse for being such a sorry case of a blogger. I have a story to tell.

You see, when I was younger, my family and I lived for a couple of years in the northern hemisphere. When moving back to the southern hemisphere, to make the adjustment run smoother, I was placed into an international school, which formed me and made me a great part of who I am today. However, as time passed, our family grew to realize more and more that this school was not what we wanted in terms of academics and socially, because it was so out of context with the rest of what is, after all, our beautiful country. And the idea brewed for a while, and finally came to realization a few weeks ago.

I changed schools.

If my readers wanted to, I could share more about my experience, but right now, all I want to share is that I'm happy. The transition was smooth, I've made new friends, I love the new uniform, the teachers are nice, the environment is perfect. I can feel myself growing to love my new school as if it had been my school throughout my whole life.

I would greatly aprecciate comments sharing stories about people you know or even yourself if you have gone through a similar transition, because it is after all a very important thing in my life right now, and I love feeling supported. And that goes for my internet friends too. :)


P.S. I finished The Feast of the Goat! Just no time to post about it yet... new school, remember? Hopefully, after this I will return to my normal blogging schedule, though.
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