Friday, September 30, 2011

The One on Exodus by Leon Uris Part 1



First of all, this is the first post of a series.

Maybe it was in my first post ever on this blog that I mentioned that I was reading Exodus by Leon Uris. And it might seem funny to many that such an easy book (it was a bestseller in the late '50s) could take me so long. But the truth about my history with this book is that I read the last 500 pages during the last week, because I had left it around the page 160 in March due to its overwhelming depressive-ness.

It is probably the ideal time to post on Zionist propaganda-type novel, because of the UN meeting a week ago on the Middle East conflict. And, hey, I will present my views on it too.

 ExodusExodus by Leon Uris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If I were to judge this book fairly, as an observant critic, I would probably give this book no more than three stars. If I were to put all my fairness asides and give way to my passions, I would give this book five stars, for it made me sob as no book has ever done, it made me laugh, and my heart still aches over its ending.

What do I find wrong about this book? Let's just say it's the (in the modern world) historical and political version of a novella, with all the elements on one; the deaths, the loves, the extremes of good and bad and no in between. Of course, the essential to the novella was undoubtedly present; cringe-worthy prose to make Leon Uris seem like an infatuated young teenager writing for a Language Arts assignment. Also, there is an amount of demonizing of the Arabs which would freak any editor today, but which is understandable in the context of the author, especially since the narrator was constantly trying to make ammends for the negative feelings. For example:

"Greed and lust, hatred and cunning, shrewdness and violence, friendliness and warmth were all part of that fantastic brew that made the Arab character such an enormous mystery to an outsider."

However, why should we always be so critical of of literature in a reasonable, sensible way? Because, even though I am too young to be saying this, maybe our era suffers of over-logicizing everything. So now I will give way to my passions and say that I loved this book. Not just because of the feelings that arose in me whilst reading it, but because of the closeness I feel to the theme.

Thus, I feel like giving it five stars for stirring the passions of uncontrolled sobbing and laughter in me. However, because I don't want the ciberworld to think of me as contributing garbage to the Goodreads comunnity, I shall only give it four. However, I highly recommend it.

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Before anything else, I want to say that I am an ardent Zionisit, and I always have been. I dream about peace in Israel more than I dream about any other world conflict, and even though it breaks my heart, I would vote por partition if it meant peace. However, I don't believe that partition means peace, and I will explain why I am an ardent Zionist in posts later on. :)

That said, I want to say how cool is my edition of Exodus! I mean, seriously, it is the first edition. I am planning on keeping it very carefully so as to sell it to a book collector sometime later on.

Just look:


Remember to check in on Monday for I will be uploading the second part of my review!
Love love uv,


Justin78 said...

OK - your copy of Exodus is awesome. I've never seen a first edition, and it's one of my favorite books!
One relatively new title that I think you'd enjoy -- "Rebirth" by David Longueay ( It's a similar concept to Exodus, and is most appealing to fellow Zionists. Have you ever heard of it?

Anne said...

Thank you Justin for your recommendation! I added it to my to-read list. Exodus is one of my favorite books too!

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