Friday, October 14, 2011

The One on Exodus by Leon Uris Part 3 (Israel Land of Milk and Honey)

I already discussed my point of view on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Today, I want to give a briefing of why I think Israel is the land of most beauty on Earth.

Most people scratch their head at the fact that people murder each other for what seems like a scrap of land that is "desert at the south, swamp in the north, and eroded in the middle." First of all, this statement is no longer true for the Jewish immigrants were overwhelmed by a passion for liberty that enabled them to redeem an otherwise dead piece of land. But it goes beyond that. It is, broadly speaking, a land of historical and religious value like no other. It is hard to explain, but for me personally, it is the land of my dreams. I think that the time that I visited Israel has been the only time that I have felt completely at peace with my identity.

Nowadays, when I'm feeling too uninspired to study or to get up in the morning, I think: "By doing this, you will someday be contributing to the world... and then you could possibly be contributing to Israel."

It is the land of milk and honey, the land of my people.

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