Friday, November 11, 2011

The One on Summer Journals

When I was smaller, a recurrent summer vacation assignment was a summer journal. I probably was the only student in my class to be exited every time the shimmering new notebook was passed around. This was to become our personal project for the next few months, and I loved it.

Until the last day of vacation rolled around and I realized that I was about a month and a half late.

Anyways, last year, the idea resurged. I thought about doing a summer journal, although this time, it would be a bit different; less "diary entries" and more receipts, pictures, drawings, poems, etc..

This was last year's:

It says Summer in Spanish :)

I'm going to post pictures of this version's Summer Journal and of art journals I find online and inspiring!

P.S. I sort of hope/promise that my next post will be book-related. It's hard though, because I'm not reading anything! I don't have any books to read, surprisingly, especially because I lost my copy of A Farewell to Arms and I'm trying to find another one.

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