Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The One on WB Yeats Conclusion

I'm going to make this conclusion short and sweet, and not just because I don't have much time to write a 10000 word paper on it. (Hello Biology.)

It's also because

a) I didn't enjoy reading Yeats as much as I thought I would
b) This has taken me about two months and therefore I can't make it as detailed as I otherwise could.

Anyways, above all, Yeats doesn't sentimentalize. He criticizes and he analyzes and maybe sometimes even beautifies somewhat, but he never sentimentalizes. In Spanish Literature class, there's a type of poetry called poesía carmínica, or "song poetry" which concentrates on the author. What the author is feeling, thinking, experimenting, etcetera. Yeats doesn't care about himself, and he thinks that you don't care about him either. (I'm thinking that he hasn't had much experience reading poetry.)

I didn't like it. The structures of his poem was fine. If it were remarkable I would have liked it.
I didn't like it. The themes of his poem were fine. If they had been developed in a more lyrical way, I would have liked it.

I can't recommend Yeats poetry, yet I somewhat understand why some find his poetry intriguing.

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