Friday, December 23, 2011

The One on Bookshelves

The reason why I've never showed you my bookshelves is because they're a sorry sight. I have a pity thing of a bookshelf in my room, and the rest of my books are strewn throughout my home. (I am trying to convince my parents to allow me to purchase a more deserving one, however, I never seem to be able to convince them. They pull out the "your room is too messy and only more stuff will make it worse" argument, but in my world, an extra shelf or two will help me get things more organized, not the other way around.)

My pitiful library in a pitiful sort of photograph

My not-so-old but unimpressive books are on top of my closet

My sister holds many books for me in her also pitiful library

My brother also holds some of my books in his room

My very old books are hidden in the basement

My Mum holds some books for me too. :)
Hope you had a good time looking at the most boring bookshots you have ever probably seen.

Have a nice day,

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