Monday, December 5, 2011

The One on Faust

A random photo of the sky because no post is complete without a picture.

I'm guessing at me being the only one reading Doktor Faustus along with the Goodreads group. That, because a) nobody has commented a thing, and b) it's dense, and I can't say entertaining.

Like I said, it probably wasn't the best pick for the first group read.

Even if it is so, I feel the need of documenting on ye olde bloge a very essential part to the story, and that is the legend of Faust, a very old german novel.

I read it out, and in summary, it's this:

Faust tells the legend of a highly succesful scholar, whose dissatisfaction with life leads him to sell his soul to the devil, thus exchanging his sould for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. Thus that something fuastian is one that surrenders moral integrity in order to achieve power and success.

And that is the metaphor that the story follows.

It seems interesting, soo... to keep on reading I say!

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