About the Nobel Reader

I am a High School student. I will never, ever tell you where I'm living, not even a clue. However, you can make your guess. ;) I probably will never tell you my name, although for all sakes and purposes you can call me Anne. (Or Nobel Reader, whatever. I do acknowledge the fact that "Nobel Reader" is a pretentious title, but I lacked creativity while creating accounts in the like of Goodreads, Yahoo, etc, so Nobel Reader came to be.)
Anne, however, is only my platonyc name for a number of reasons.
(I will, however, tell you my age sometime.)

My earliest memories have to do with books; from the moment that I could differentiate an a from an e, books have been devoured by the fondest of Mes. I would spend hours reading.
There was a time in first grade when I finished my first Enid Blyton book, which seemed so enormous back then.... I think I was so proud I actually called my mum at work to tell her. I remember being transported to the all-girl's boarding school, as if that were my true reality. Thank you, Enyd, for providing me with the those first joys.

I read Uncle Tom's Cabin in fourth grade, and Jane Eyre in fifth grade, alongside with my first Jane Austen books.

Although I have been a reader of Nobel prizes several times before, I declare myself an avid fan of Harry Potter and all of its paraphernalia.

So, indeed, I like to read a little bit of everything.

Besides reading, I do indeed have other hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my friends & family,  skiing, track and field, music, photography, art journaling, and an uncontrolable dependance to writing. And anything, anything at all, that is beautiful will be dear to my heart.
And I admit to love travelling. :)

So let's see if I have time to fit in a little extra reading into my already pretty busy schedule...

(The people who are always behind me. I love them.)
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